Custom furniture design

Custom furniture design

Design your furnitures

Asitrade is a company that always thinks about the comfort of the client, trying to satisfy all their needs. In order to facilitate the work, Asitrade goes one step further and now allows you to design your own furniture or make modifications on models from our catalog.

We can manufacture the furniture you like the most, in the color, finish, type of wood, drawing, hardware and measurement that is needed. The manufacture is made entirely handmade, painted, decorated and finished by hand. With this option, finding furniture of any size, design or color will no longer be a problem.

Request your custom furniture

For this it is necessary to fill out the form and send it to us by email so that we can give you the budget of the furniture and the deadline for delivery. The manufacturing and delivery time is indicative and ranges from 3 to 4 months depending on the furniture and finish requested.

It is important to keep this deadline in mind when ordering, since cancellations and returns of custom parts are not accepted.

The color of the samples of colors represented in this web page, can vary with the real color of the furniture due to the photographic distortion.

Customer satisfaction is our reason for being and therefore we have a team with talent to carry out any project you request.

Custom furniture design