History of antique furniture


Chinese culture has always been known for its exquisite taste and attention to detail from immemorial time. The development of furniture could not be an exception in this culture, each Chinese original furniture is a jewel for its design and decoration.

Chinese furniture, as we know in our time, was originated in the Ming Dynasty (1350-1650 year). From this period are the majority of the designs that have remain to this days.

The antique furniture that are currently been imported, are furniture that have less than 150 years, and therefore is furniture belonging to the Qing Dynasty (1650-1911), but as mentioned above, its design is much older.

The design of these pieces, even after so many centuries, are still in force and are the base of many contemporary designs. There are ancient furniture with a design that is still relevant for its simplicity and clean lines and others instead are richly decorated with drawings that tell different stories from family or idyllic scenes of romances or terrible battles.

The decorations always maintained a style depending on their region of origin, and the degree of complexity of these designs depends on who were the owners. The most decorated pieces were the ones used by important people, while those used by the common people were much more sober.

Although all regions of China have made furniture for thousands of years, the most emblematic for its tradition in furniture are the regions of Shanxi, Gansu, Beijing, Shangdong, Mongolia, Hebei, Ningbo and Tibet.

The woods that were used in the preparation of Chinese antique furniture, depends on the region of their origin but the most common wood used was Elm, Cottonwood, Cypress, Pine, Chestnut and even some fruit trees woods.


Restoration Process

All furniture Asitrade sells have been restored by craftsmen. The degree of restoration that is applied to the unit depends on its condition.

In many cases, in some furniture we should replace certain parts that are in poor conditions such as doors or drawers, but always the frame is original one.

In many cases, the drawing of the furniture is in such bad shape, that the craftsmen replace it with a new drawing as the original one. In other occasions, if the wood is nice, the hole paint is take off and the furniture is leave in a natural wood finish.

The degree of conservation, especially drawing, together with other factors such as age and type of wood are the main factors that determine the value of a piece.

History of antique furniture

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